3 things which school need to have

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Schools need some update. The major update they need is:

  1. Technology: Instead of avoiding it, bring technology in classrooms. Although, they have demerit, they have merits. They can make learning enjoyable and engaging. Students can learn fast via YouTube and applications. Besides this, phone and gadgets are great helper for teachers. They can ask their students to bring their phones or tab to schools. They make them to download different applications and videos according to their topic to provide visualization of the topic. Besides this, they can install a screen in classrooms which they can use to play animated videos related to lessons to make engage them. Furthermore, they can install tablet on each round table where a group of five students can sit on each table. The tablet should have all material related to the syllabus. Teachers can make them open required video and file and read or watch the things.
    Technology provides pictures of every topic and easy-to-understand explanations which let students to understand the topic. They would not need to learn or memorize the topic, then.
  2. Co-curricular activities: There is great need to introduce co-curricular activities in schools. Co-curricular activities play an important role in the development of personality of a child. They teach them cultural and moral values by connecting them with other students and people of schools of different grades. Besides this, they improve their cognitive and communicative skills. They increase their confidence and give them ground to polish their talent and skills. School should introduce different sports, arts and literature like activities like poetry writing and public speaking, art and painting, and many other activities. LikeĀ dancing classes in Dubai, the school can start dance lessons too where they would be taught easy and then complicated steps to lessen the burden of studies. They can show them videos of different hip hop andĀ ballet classes, in Dubaidance schools, to create a perfect picture that how they should dance.
  3. Social issues: There is great need to have discussion on social issues with students. They can discuss environmental problems with them to give them wares about climatic changes. The teachers can tell them about cyber bully and harassment as well. As the time is passing, the world is become a dangerous place. Thus, it is needed to tell them about all dangers and teach them defensive techniques to save themselves.