Top 6 Civil engineering companies in Dubai

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Top 6 Civil engineering companies in Dubai

UAE is considered as that part of the world where you can find and get cheap civil engineering companies in Sharjah, Dubai and many other parts of UAE which are expensive in other ways but in construction, they will relax you the most!

There is list of top six construction companies in Dubai. If you want to know about it then click to read more!

  1. ALEC Engineering and Contracting:
    The team of engineers at ALEC has designed different airports, commercial and residential areas and themed locations in such a way that no one stop to appreciate the construction and planning. The company gives value to security and safety.
  2. CSCEC Middle East LLC:
    CSCEC or China State Construction and Engineering Corporation is the largest civil engineering company in Dubai that hires only the most capable and experienced civil engineers who have expertise in their fields and capable to communicate and satisfy the customers well by offering their multidisciplinary services and facilities.
  3. Arabtech Group:
    It is a group of number of Engineering companies that includes Arabtech Construction, Arabtech Engineering Services, EFECO, Austrian Arabian Ready Mix, and Target Engineering Construction. The group values economy and energy-efficiency. Therefore, they plan sustainable and budget-friendly infrastructure and plan that can be afforded by all clients.
  4. ASGC Construction:
    The best part of ASGC is its diversity. The company worked in sectors of residential, social infrastructure, education, health and reatail market. Besides this, they have team of experts and juniors that work and execute all projects exceptionally by giving value to time management and cooperation.
  5. TAV Group:
    Who was behind Ataturk Airport?
    Who did make a plan of Midfield Terminal Building?
    Who constructed Hamad Airport and who was appreciated for drafting and creating Prince Muhammad Bin Salman AbdulAziz Airport?
    It is none other than TAV Group who has planned out world’s finest buildings! That’s the reason why it is regarded a one of the best construction companies in UAE!
  6. Consolidated Contractors Company:
    It is the one of the oldest construction companies but it offers number of facilities like maintenance, management of facilities, construction and heavy lifting and many others in an impeccable way with the help of their employers and employees who work diligently.

So, this is the list of top construction companies in Dubai! Select any of them and hand over your project to their team. They will give you the best result!