Things to know about vet hospitals

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Things to know about vet hospitals

Vet also known as veterinary means the medical and surgical treatment of animals. By getting the idea of what veterinary means you would probably know what would be a veterinary hospital or vet hospital.

A vet hospital is a place where animals are treated.

It isn’t as easy as it looks to establish a veterinary hospital because in order to to make a veterinary clinic you would need as much care and equipment as you need for a regular hospital that specifically for humans or probably more equipments when it comes to animals because they  cannot speak where they have a pain or issue so we would either have to detect it through machines or manually with great attention.

The must have equipments for a vet hospital are procedure or exam tables, suitable lighting, veterinary stethoscope, veterinary ultrasound, x-ray machine that should be digital, anesthesia machines, IV pumps, autoclaves and sterilizers and tuttnauer which are infection control tools.


There are kennels as well at the vet hospitals that are a shelters for the animals. Kennels for dogs are called dog kennels and for cats are called cat kennels.

There are some hospitals that work for day hours and then there are some that work for 24 hours. Some hospitals offer facility to treat the animal at the doorstep to make it even more convenient for pet patients and their owners.

In countries like Dubai pets mean family members and they are treated like a child. Not only in Dubai but once you adopt, rescue or buy an animal it not only becomes your responsibility to take care of them for a lifetime but you would have to treat them as best as possible without ignoring them because they may seem quiet but there are same in emotions in an animal as there are in humans and they feel the same pain and sorrow.

Just like human doctors vets can also be quacks so one should be really careful while selecting one for their pet or referring to others because one wrong decision can cost you a life of an innocent animal. Always go to the renown vet and get your animals treated right in front of you. Take the animal to the vet quickly as soon as you think they have become lethargic, have stopped eating, look lazy or any other activity that you do not find normal.

There are different vet hospitals all over the world but one should choose a reputable and renown vet. The vet hospitals in Dubai are British veterinary hospital, The veterinary hospital, Dubai falcon hospital, Umm suqeim veterinary center and a lot more.