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Things to know about expert packing

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Things to know about expert packing

Most of the people think that packing is just a piece of cake and there is nothing logical to follow. They consider it as just putting all things in a box and taping it up. But this is not true as there are a number of aspects to be focused on. Like proper selection of cartons, using appropriate tape, respective labelling and precautionary packing tips to avoid collision or breakage. All these factors are very important to ensure safe and sound shifting of your belongings. For shifting purpose, most of the people hire the best movers in UAE and this is one of the best decision but apart from hiring them some people still prefer to pack their belonging by their own selves. They just hire movers to ensure safe transfer of their possessions from one place to another. For such people here are some packing tips which will prevent their belongings from being damaged.

Use of bubble wraps

Packing fragile things like crockery and expensive show pieces is quite challenging is they are easily broken on collision. For this purpose bubble wrapping sheets appear to be a huge blessing as they are cheaper and convenient. All you have to do is to wrap each item individually in bubble sheet so that they it would not break on minor collision during loading or unloading. You can also place cardboard pieces in between to provide extra protection.

Use shrink tape

Most of the people use duct tape for closing the cartons. But this is not an ideal option as it is not strong enough so you need several rolls to pack all the boxes. On the other hand shrink tape is the best alternative as it possesses huge stretching and sticking property. It is strong enough and is used in little quantity to pack each box as compared to the duct tape. So it is best to use a shrink tape for packing your fragile and precious belongings appropriately.

Use of plastic bags

Huge and heavy things like furniture and electronic appliances are impossible to be packed in cartons but their safety is equally important as they are one of your most expensive belongings. For this purpose you can use massive plastic bags which are strong enough to prevent your belongings from any scratch or dust during the entire shifting process. On the other hand you can also utilize your blankets is covering up things like LED screens and glass tops etc.

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