Quick guide to different car lights

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Lights play a major role when driving a car or when learning to drive one, because this is the stage where drivers learn to polish their skills and later on switching and using these lights come as a learnt instinct. But before you could reach that stage, we know it can be difficult and confusing to manage between all these lights which is why here we have got a quick guide for you:

  • There are usually two types of headlight, low beam and high beam. Low beam provides a soft luminous glow across the road in front to help you navigate the path while the high beam provides a stark light for a specified area which should only be used only in situations of rain and fog as it could be blinding for other passer bys.
  • The basic purpose and idea of tail lights is to help the person behind be aware of your presence and calculate the distance between their and your vehicle. This usually turns on with the headlights.
  • Signal lights – often known as blinkers – are the ones which signal other drivers of the upcoming turn you would take depending on the side which you have signalled the light to turn on. This could also mean that you are slowing down for a turn.
  • Brake lights – as suggested by its name – is only turned on when you push the brakes of your car as it indicates the driver behind that you are slowing or stopping down so that they don’t bump into you. But make sure they are properly maintained. Volkswagen spare parts Dubaiare a great option for that.
  • Hazard lights are your emergency lights which can be turned on when you are caught in a seriously distressing problem where you need help. You can indicate other drivers through this by flashing the light which tells others that you are experiencing maybe a rock road ahead or brake failure.
  • Driving lamps are the little lights located on the inside of the roof of your car as they can be used when you are stuck in dark and looking for a lost item or directions through a map – a map not the Google maps. They should not be used for long periods of time as it can cause distress among the passer bys.

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