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How to build a good reputation at your workplace

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Workplace is different from your home. You cannot sit and speak in your way, until you are senior. You cannot wear your night suit there like you used to wear in your daily routine but you can also not wear your formal dresses like you wear in weddings and parties. There is worldwide accepted dress code of workplaces. 

But dress code is not enough to build reputation. You need to do numerous things to make yourself able to be appreciated by all seniors and members of board of directors. thus, you need to be 

  1. Punctual
  2. Reliable
  3. Dedicated
  4. Cooperative, and 
  5. Responsible. 

Punctuality and time management is appreciated the most. The more punctual you are, the more appreciated you are. To be a diligent employee, all you have to do is to arrive few minutes before the required so that you will get time to relax for some minutes and have tea before the office time is started. In this way, you would need less break than your friends and fellows who used to ask your for 15 minute break after coming at place. Besides this, try to come every day and attend every meeting and seminar. 

Reliability is another important quality which you would need to build reputation because every employer want an employee on which he or she can rely in difficult times for helping hand who could share the burden and make the task less difficult and little easier. Such employees prove themselves as hard working and dedicated employees in the eyes of their team’s head. 

Dedication is to work hard on your project and make all effort to make it perfect. It is the dedication that can lift you a little up than other fellows of your department. It can make you work little better than the required or average performance which matters a lot in the eyes of employers and company. 

Beside dedication, a company wants their employees and employers work together and accomplish all projects and tasks on time. Thus, teamwork is very important at workplace because all tasks have to be dealt from all perspectives due to which a single person cannot accomplish the task alone. Teamwork can give a lot of success to an organization. That’s why there are coworking coffee shops in every company in order to boost relations between employees.

If you to build reputation, then become responsible. Do your task on time and take some responsibility more than your fellows and try to accomplish them. It will result in appreciation in the best coworking spaces, Dubai holds them every year to celebrate the day of employees, too.