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Different types of bulletproof glass

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Different types of bulletproof glass

A bulletproof glass is that type of glass which is capable enough to withstand huge force and pressure. It will prevent the objects from letting in and prevent you from any damage. In this way it is high recommended in terms of enhanced security. Few years back bulletproof glass were only used by the people whose lives were at higher risk like government representatives, VIP and military people etc. But nowadays it is highly demanded by a number of organizations like hospitals, industries, banks, pharmacies and educational institutes as well.

The reason behind it is increased incidence of robbery, theft and terrorist attacks. So to ensure personal safety and appropriate security bullet proof glass is used as it is one of the best options available. It possesses a wide range of applications like bullet resistant windows are preferred in residential and commercial buildings whereas bulletproof vehicle glass are recommended for all the cars and military vehicles. While buying bulletproof glass you will get several options as it possess a wide range of different types. In this article we will briefly discuss about some of them to provide you basic knowledge. This will help you in choosing the best suitable type for yourself as according to your need and preference.

Traditional laminated glass

This is the original bulletproof glass which will provide extra protection due to its sufficient thickness. It is highly recommended for windscreens of cars as it is more permanent and viable option as compared to others. It also possess a touch of greenish tint which gives it an innovative appearance and thus makes it suitable for a variety of applications.

Acrylic glass

This is another important type of glass which is used in most public places. In this type there are three different levels which tells us about their capability to resist the bullet. In level 1 three jacketed 9mm bullets can be stopped. Level 2 is capable to stop three shots from .357 magnum whereas level 3 can withstand at least three rounds from .44 magnum. It can be used for interior as well as exterior walls of a building but usually it is preferred for interior walls.

Insulated ballistic glass

They are best innovation in bulletproof glass glazing as they are technically protected by insulation. This type of glass is preferable for school and worship areas which are non-traditional targets. Because of its glazing nature it is quite easy to maintain and is suitable for internal as well as external walls.