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Benefits of kickboxing workout

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Sometimes you are stuck in the same workout routine which bores many people and drive them away from gym. Everyone needs motivation in order to keep going and kickboxing is just one of the many amazing work out routines which can help you in the achievement of goal and keeping you motivated. Kickboxing is a total body work out with a combination of martial arts and heart pumping cardio bringing you back in shape within a few sessions. Here we have some amazing benefits of ladies kickboxing Abu Dhabi which can be found in many cheap gym in Abu Dhabi.

  • Burn calories faster than ever

Kickboxing is one of those workout exercises which combine several different ones together. It’s a high power cardio routine which will get you in shape in no time as you will be burning up to 800 calories per hour as well as toning your body and working metabolism. But make sure that you gradually move to the higher level instead of opting for the hardest one first because it’s going to break you and you will lose all your motivation.

  • Combines different exercises in one

As mentioned earlier, kickboxing combines different exercises in one. When you initially join gym you are asked to do an exercise for toning abs, a different one for legs and completely opposite one for arms. We rarely see an exercise which combines all of them in a single one but kickboxing does that work. If you want to do something more simply wear a light weight glove and its resistance will do the work of toning.

  • Quick surge of energy

Do you know that moment when you start working out and suddenly feel so active and alive that you would like to do all the different exercises in a single day, exactly the same way kickboxing will send a sudden surge of energy running through you making you active and buzzing. This will be with you whole day never allowing laziness to take over. It has proven to be an energy booster which is much needed especially for people who need to be active and running around all day. And even if you don’t have to run around all day then simple energy has never hurt anyone.