A Step by Step Guide to Installing Gypsum Partitions

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A Step by Step Guide to Installing Gypsum Partitions

If you are thinking about gypsum partition work in Dubai, you might be wondering what the proper installation procedure is. In this article, you’ll learn how to install gypsum panels, use acoustical sealant, and use space fasteners in gypsum panels. Finally, we’ll cover the fire rating of gypsum partitions.

Use a drywall partition kit:

Using a gypsum board partition wall is a practical way to separate a child’s bedroom from another room while offering a variety of benefits. The material’s durability and high PH value are advantages to partition walls. It is also highly cost-effective and maintains a high aesthetic value. You can easily construct a gypsum partition wall yourself with the help of a drywall partition kit.

Using an acoustical sealant on gypsum partitions:

Acoustical sealants are a vital part of the wall assembly for sound control. One square inch of unsealed penetration will increase sound resistance by 50 decibels. A typical conversation will generate sound at 50 decibels. The sealant should be used at all gaps on separation walls. If sound travels through a seam, it will take the path of least resistance – the sound will travel through the air.

You can use acoustical sealant on gaps larger than 1/4″ around the drywall edges. For the best results, use a backer rod that is at least double the width of the gap. The acoustical sealant should also be applied to the interior and exterior perimeter joints. After applying the acoustical sealant, allow it to dry.

Using space fasteners in gypsum panels:

When installing gypsum panel fasteners, it is important to space them properly by the manufacturer’s instructions and referenced drywall application standards. The space between fasteners in vertical applications should be 12 inches, and for tile substrates, 8 inches. In horizontal applications, fasteners should be spaced approximately 3/8 inches from the edges of the wallboard. The fastest way to install drywall fasteners is to drive them toward the edge from the center of the wallboard and then tighten them to the supporting members.

Gypsum partitions are common for separating rooms, but some designs may be difficult to install in a fire-safe manner. Fortunately, there are many ways to create a safe, aesthetically pleasing partition. Below are a few tips to help you get started. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this material.