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A complete guide to online shopping

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People are now a day thinks online shopping as a smart way of sopping without any worry. During the online shopping you may have to pay the shipping charges but when you compare this to the physical shopping then you will come to know that during physical shopping you will have to pay the fare or the fuel charges which may be more than the shipping charges of when you buy online. When you are going to buy inline then everything will be at your doorstep with few clicks. Following are some guidelines for shopping online which you have to take care of if you do not want to get scammed:

When you are going to buy kurta for women through online channel the you have to tell your name, shipping address and mobile phone, some stores will also ask you to tell your email address too so that they will get in contact with you through different channels. When you are sharing this information then you should be very careful about it. You should not share your profound information which people can misuse, like you should never share your social security number. No website should ask about this and other information like this but if any of the site asks then you should not pursue further and you have to close the store as soon as possible because they might hack your system.

Whenever you want to buy anything online then you have to make separate account for this. It is more suitable to separate your personal account from your shopping account so that if anyone wants to hack your account then he will not get your personal information. If you use the same account then you have to be very vigilant in using that and you have to delete the emails which contain very sensitive information about your work and home. If you act upon this advice then it will be beneficial for you. Other than being careful about the accounts you should also be very careful about the passwords. You should not have the same passwords for your different websites because in case someone will know about your password then all of your accounts will be at stake. You can also buy Dubai jalabiya online with great care and cautiousness.