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7 ways to save yourself from cybercrime

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Cybercrime is everywhere nowadays. It is very important to keep yourselves safe from it, otherwise you would suffer a lot mentally, physically and emotionally. 

There are many ways to save yourselves but some of them are:

  1. Secure internet: Avail 24 hour internet that guarantees security. If internet is secure, then there will less chances of providing a gateway to virus to enter in your PC. You can download Antivirus as well. It will keep your computer or gadgets save. There are different antivirus for MAC, phones and computers. You can use any of them. Some are free of cost and some have cost. Some of them are cheap and some are not cheap. Besides this, you can avail services of antivirus Dubai because they offer best packages. 
  2. Unique password: Don’t create easy-to-catch passwords and codes. Create different and unique. It should be mixture of words and numbers. It should have capital and small letters,  besides exclamation or calling marks. The compilation of everything of keyboard makes the password unique and different. Keep password management system to keep all of them secure. 
  3. Update software: Keep your antivirus software updates because heavy crime or powerful virus can destroy your 2014 bone software because it would not have that technology which is required to keep the computer save. 
  4. Social media and setting: Social media can led the virus or massage to enter in computer. Therefore, change your settings. Try to keep your posts personal and for few people to see otherwise criminals can get information they needed to hack your account. And hacking can give them access in different ways to bully you, harass you or steal your personal information which is needed to steal your money. 
  5. Tell children about cybercrime: Because the world is not utopia; therefore, it is better to tell them about cybercrime and ask them to play safe. Tell them that hacking of account can give you stress and torture. Ask them to keep their posts for few people to see, otherwise they can suffer if their account get tangle in the hands of any robber or hacker. 
  6. Eye on security breaches: If you manage your business online, then keep your eye on your account and website. Try to remember all changes and if there is any security breach, then change the password fast. 
  7. Keep yourself away from identity theft: If your information is hacked by a person then it means you are now caught by identity theft that will use your information to seem to be you on internet. To save yourself from identity theft, create difficult passwords and use VPN because it protects the data and information you send or receive. 

So, these are few ways to play safe in the world of the internet.