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What you can do in your free time

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Free time is the time which we all want but it is the time when we think that what we can do beside phones and computers. There are so many things we can do. Some of them are:

Cooking: Cooking can make you creative and make your brain come up with ideas all because you have to add different spices and vegetables with meat or chicken, which can create new combinations in your mind which you crave to try. This is creativity. This will make you a better cook and can lead you to make cakes and curries for different events and it will be an achievement. 

Writing: Writing has power of healing because it give you chance to flush out all anger, frustration and melancholy on paper. It makes the moment more memorable because the conversion of emotions into words make it stronger to recall. You can write poems or convert your pain and joys in the form of fictional or nonfictional stories. It can turn you into an author and poet.

Programming: Programming is gateway to creativity. It give you space to draw things digitally with the hell of codes and languages. You can create different programs and documents via programming. However, you cannot do it on your own, you have to learn some languages so that you can practice them and make what you want to make. 

Gym: It is a fact that health is wealth. Therefore, it is important to look after your health and work on them to get better day by day. For this, you can go to gym or do workout at home when you are free. This will improve your cognitive skills and memory. It will make you feel that you have done some productive. You can even go to park for hour long walk. It will give you peace because at the end, we have instincts to move.

Drawing and craft work: Drawing and craft work are loved by all. It gives you a way to express yourself by using colours and brushes. It improves your speech and memory skills. It reduces the chances of having depressive disorders. You can make sketches or do painting as well. You can even make lamps and cards by using beads and paper. 

So, these are few things which you can do in your free time and groom your personality. Amy they can help you out to become erp solution providers in Dubai at SAP S/4 HANA in Dubai